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Search & Request

Q: What if I request the wrong image, can I erase the message?
A: Removing your request is simple. In the “Requested” tab, just click on “Link” which will bring you to the Instagram photo that you requested. Click on the “X” next to your comment to delete your request.

Q: Can I request an image that has already been requested by another company?
A: Yes, the license and release are not exclusive.

Q: Can I request a video?
A: Currently no, but we are working on adding video requests soon.

Q: How do I get the map geo to save?
A: The last search may remember your geo search, but we are working on developing saved searches.

Q: How do I change our default search?
Click on “Your Brand Name” in the upper right corner and select Settings from the dropdown menu. On the Settings page, 3rd column, find the “Default search” field and change it. If you don’t see the “Default Search” field, click on the “More” button and check the checkbox “Default Search”.
If you don’t setup your default search keyword in Settings, the system will take your company name and use it as a default keyword.
The system will also remember your last search term used per browser basis.

Q: Can I have a login for each member of my team?
Absolutely! If you need a login for any of your teammates, let us know and we’ll get them up and running in no time. Email us at 

Q: Can I search for a keyword and use the map at the same time?
No, but that is a feature that will be available in the near future.

Q: How do I change the e-mail settings for account notifications?
Click on the “Your Brand Name” in the upper right corner of the search page. Click on settings. Enter the new e-mail address under user settings.

Q: Why isn't any content showing up in my search results (keyword, hashtag, geo)?
Perhaps you are using a keyword that doesn’t exist on Twitter or Instagram.
Spell check the keyword. Users often mistype the long hashtags.
Try using a broader search term.
Expand the geo search parameters. Also, people sometimes disable their location services on mobile devices and do not specify locations on their posts, therefore geo search does not show them.
People often put their location as a hashtag, so it’s a good idea to put the name of the location into the keyword search, for example, #NYC #SF #sanfrancisco
Please, note that Twitter goes only 7 days in the past, while Instagram allows you to search infinitely in the past.

Q: Can I Like posts or follow users on the Search page?
Not at this moment. But we recommend clicking on the “Link” button that opens up the post on Instagram where you can Like or Follow after reviewing the User profile and making the informative decision.
When liking and following users, please, make sure that you are logged in to your company Instagram account and your personal one

Q: Can I request a Twitter post if it was posted more than 7 days ago?
Twitter does not allow any software to access images posted longer than 7 days ago.
But as a walkaround, you can try to find a post on Twitter by using advance Twitter search and "Like" the post. Then go back to ShareRoot app and click “Like” checkbox in Twitter search - it will return you all posts you ever liked on Twitter (you - means the Instagram account linked to ShareRoot app in Settings). Users are often using “Like” concept as bookmarking for both Instagram and Twitter


Q: Why is a contract needed?
Copyright and publicity rights belong to the person who created the image and appears in it.  Not respecting either with commercial use can create a legal liability for your brand.

Q: What does the contract enable our brand to do with an image?
Attaining the legal rights to an image allows you to do anything you’d like to do with the image except sell it. You’re welcome to repost it, repurpose it, advertise with it, use it in email campaigns, print ads, etc.

Q: What happens if a user contacts us after we have the signed contract and tries to get out of it?

It is up to you what to do, but we recommend respecting the wishes of your users.

Q: Are users compensated for the images?
That’s completely up to you. Most brands do not compensate the original owners for their images and still see around a 50% approval rating. You’re welcome to compensate your fans outside of ShareRoot, but it is not required.

vHow much legal access does a brand have to accepted content?

Our license and agreement covers the following:
Usage, modification, repurposing the content in any way is allowed if it is not being sold. The content can be used for any imaginable commercial use.
Publicity rights are obtained for the person signing the license and release and any of their children.  Other people are not covered.  
For broadcasting please refer to Twitter for proper usage and attribution:


Q: Can I display the photos that I acquire in a gallery, feed, social wall, etc.
Q:  If I decide to stream a gallery live and broadcast it, do I have the option to filter the images coming through the stream before they get broadcasted? In case any inappropriate or unwanted images show up.
A: Yes, you can filter your broadcast - Click on the "Galleries" tab on the left hand side. Select the name of the gallery you are broadcasting. Select the "Broadcast" tab at the top of the navigation bar. Any photos using your unique hashtag will show up here. Click the "Select" button on the images you want to be broadcasted.
What's the best way to add a gallery to a webpage? (and when would I want to use an iframe vs embed?)
Iframe is likely easier but the image detail popups are going to be limited to the iframe
Embedding requires using our Javascript SDK but gives a much richer integrated experience.


Q: How long does it typically take for an image to get approved?
Most images are approved within 24 - 48 hours but some could take longer. It really depends on how often each person logs into their Instagram or Twitter accounts.

Q: Why is my approval rate so low?
There are a lot of things that factor into the approval process (messaging, who you're reaching out to, brand recognition, etc.).
We recommend engaging with your users. You could try to like the photo that you are requesting, add a personal touch to the request, mention something specific about the photo in the request, or try white-labeling. Don’t be afraid to get creative!
It’s a good practice to make your Instagram company page and Twitter page filled in with relevant good quality content, have enough  

Q: Approved images means that I own the legal rights to them, so I can reuse them however I wish, but can I manipulate them with Photoshop (or any other photo/graphic editing tool) and reuse the edited version?
A: Yes! 

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